The Tesla Model S P85+ Performance variant, particularly from the 2014 lineup, offers several notable benefits that underscore why it was a standout in the electric vehicle (EV) market during its time. Here’s an outline of its key advantages:

Performance: The Model S P85+ is characterized by its high-performance capabilities. It features a rear-wheel drive system powered by an electric motor that delivers robust acceleration and responsive handling. This model can accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in just about 4.2 seconds, making it one of the quickest sedans on the market at the time.

Range: One of the primary benefits of the Model S P85+ is its range. With an 85 kWh battery, it offers a substantial electric range of approximately 265 miles on a single charge (EPA estimate), which was quite significant for an EV in 2014. This extended range addresses range anxiety, a common concern among potential EV buyers.

Technology and Features: The Model S P85+ comes equipped with a variety of advanced technological features. This includes a large central touchscreen that controls most of the car’s functions, offering an intuitive interface for navigation, entertainment, and vehicle settings. Over-the-air software updates continually enhance the car’s performance, features, and user experience.

Safety: Safety is a hallmark of the Tesla brand, and the Model S P85+ is no exception. It received high safety ratings from various agencies, featuring multiple airbags, electronic stability control, and a structure designed to provide superior crash protection. The low center of gravity, due to the battery placement, also contributes to reduced rollover risk.

Environmental Impact: As an electric vehicle, the Model S P85+ produces zero emissions at the point of use. This helps reduce the owner’s carbon footprint and contributes to cleaner air, particularly beneficial in urban settings.

Economic Benefits: Owning a Model S P85+ offers potential savings in running costs compared to internal combustion engine vehicles. Electric vehicles typically have lower maintenance requirements and the cost of electricity for charging is often less than the cost of gasoline.

Resale Value: Tesla vehicles tend to maintain a strong resale value, thanks in part to their popularity, brand reputation, and the ongoing updates and improvements provided by Tesla.

These attributes made the 2014 Tesla Model S P85+ a compelling choice for consumers looking for a high-performance, long-range, and feature-rich electric vehicle.