The Tesla Model S 100D, especially the 2019 model, offers a blend of high-performance features, cutting-edge technology, and environmental benefits that make it stand out in the electric vehicle (EV) market. Here’s a detailed outline of its benefits:
1. Performance and Efficiency

Long Range: One of the standout features of the Model S 100D is its long driving range. The 100D variant, with its 100 kWh battery, offers one of the longest ranges available in the market at the time, capable of traveling approximately 335 miles on a single charge under ideal conditions.
Acceleration and Speed: Despite being a large sedan, the Model S 100D delivers impressive acceleration, going from 0 to 60 mph in just about 4.1 seconds. Its top speed and seamless electric power delivery also contribute to an exhilarating driving experience.
All-Wheel Drive: Equipped with dual electric motors, one on each axle, it offers all-wheel drive (AWD), enhancing traction and handling in various driving conditions.

2. Technological Innovations

Autopilot: The 2019 Model S 100D comes with Tesla’s advanced driver-assistance system, Autopilot, which includes features like adaptive cruise control, lane-keeping assist, and traffic-aware cruise control. Optional upgrades can even offer more autonomous driving capabilities.
Infotainment System: A large, centrally located touchscreen controls most of the car’s functions, providing access to navigation, media, communication, and vehicle settings, along with an industry-leading infotainment system.
Over-the-Air Updates: Tesla continuously improves its vehicles’ software through over-the-air updates, enhancing performance, adding new features, and improving vehicle functionalities without the need to visit a dealership.

3. Sustainability and Environmental Impact

Zero Emissions: As an electric vehicle, the Model S 100D produces no tailpipe emissions, contributing to reduced air pollution and a smaller carbon footprint compared to internal combustion engine vehicles.
Energy Efficiency: Electric vehicles like the Model S 100D are generally more energy-efficient than their gasoline counterparts, converting a higher percentage of electrical energy from the grid into power to drive the wheels.

4. Safety and Reliability

Safety Ratings: The Model S has consistently achieved high safety ratings from various automotive safety organizations, thanks in part to its low center of gravity (due to the underfloor battery) and robust frame structure.
Low Maintenance: With fewer moving parts than traditional cars, the Model S requires less maintenance. There’s no oil to change, and brake wear is reduced due to regenerative braking, which also helps extend the driving range.

5. Luxury and Comfort

Spacious Interior: The Model S offers a spacious interior with comfortable seating for up to five adults and ample cargo space, including a front trunk (frunk).
Premium Features: Features like a panoramic glass roof, custom audio system, and premium materials throughout the cabin enhance the luxury feel of the vehicle.

6. Resale Value

Strong Resale Value: Tesla vehicles, including the Model S 100D, tend to hold their value well, partly due to high demand and the perceived value of the Tesla brand.

The Tesla Model S 100D 2019 model year combines luxury with performance, advanced technology, and environmental consciousness, making it a compelling choice for those in the market for an electric vehicle.